Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami, San Francisco 49ers & Kansas City Chiefs!

Everyone knows the first impression is what counts, right? 

That’s why when the NFL & Miami-Dade County wanted the teams to have the best first experience as they step foot in Miami, they brought in the SWARM team to welcome them as they arrive at a secret location. Well-appointed and more than prepared for the task, SWARM will be producing everything from managing reporters, camera operators, team reps, municipal leaders, players, support staff, and much much more. 

“You can’t even imagine, how many behind-the-scenes details there are to this event,” said Michael Davidson, project manager for SWARM.  “Check-points, truck inspections, security K-9’s, vetting of staff, and even more hoops than you can imagine – and we haven’t even spoken about the actual production work!”  

All eyes will be on Miami-Dade County, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs and not to mention, SWARM. The Super Bowl Team arrival will be taking place at an undisclosed location and undisclosed time, but live coverage of the event will be streamed on @swarm social media channels, select TV broadcasts including Fox News, NFL Network, ESPN, CNN, and more. Make sure to tune in to experience this epic arrival!

“We are truly honored to be chosen for this project,” explains Tony Albelo, SWARM C.E.O. “As Miami ‘homers’ we really want to put our best foot forward; not only as a company but also as a City.”

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