With all of the technology, it’s amazing that the bar concession industry has taken so long to catch up. In fact, there are many concession companies that still do not take credit cards or run on old-fashioned swipe machines. These companies run manual inventory, shared swipe machines (even if available), and even some run the dreaded “ticket system” where consumers need to wait in one line to buy a ticket, then make another line to buy a drink – the single most ineffective way to sell, ever.

At SWARM we have over 120 iPads and Samsung tablets running the latest point-of-sales system (POS) for our technological advantage. These devices are all connected to the internet in real-time. This level of accountability streamlines much of the operation and has been proven to increase sales. The entire flow of cash and inventory is controlled from the liquor room/cage to the bar, and to the consumer. It is extremely easy to compare open cases versus actual sales. We can find leaks in the system immediately and plug them. Another wonderful advantage is the ability to calculate and collect special fees and taxes. Want to add-on sales tax? No problem. Want to add an automatic 18% gratuity? We have you covered.

Once again, our expertise in the bar sales business comes from our own experience in selling high volumes at our own events. When our money is on the line, this is how we do it… and we’ll do the same for you.