St. Patrick’s Weekend Guide

Feeling Lucky? You should! If you live in –or near– Miami you’re in for a real treat. The best and biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are right here in YOUR city!

#TeamStPats will be taking over Wynwood –think rainbows, pots of gold, green beer and THE party of the night!– while #TeamStPaddys –Brickell vibing, pup loving, treasure hunting, VIP peep– will hit the scene and keep the party going till wee hours. Here’s the 411 –and our insider guide– on both events so you don’t miss a thing.

#StPatsWynwood because gold never looked so good. Saturday, jump in –head first– and make sure to snap a selfie in the Pot of Gold Grab a beer, or four with our special 4-Pack package –includes some green swag to keep the leprechaun away!– to share, or not, and of course, get ready to party all night long with beats from your favorite DJs.

After a long night, head over on Sunday to #StPaddysBrickell for an afternoon –or all day– celebration of Irish Pride. Got a pup, or want to see the cutest ones in town? Stop by our St. Puppies Day event, and treat your pup –and yo’ self– to a brew! Cool down from the heat in the Irish VIP lounge, and get ready to enjoy your Sunday in style.

St. Paddy’s Tickets:

St. Pat’s Wynwood Tickets: