We have the staff and experience to plan your event from top to bottom; from bar operations and installation, to audio and visual production, security, entrance operations, and more.

SWARM works with leading industry brands to deliver seamlessly executed and highly compelling events from conception to completion; specializing in event management, Miami event logistics, production management, stage management, and more. Our event range includes high profile conferences, major conventions, sports sponsorship activation, food & beverage festivals, live music events, high-end receptions, gala dinners, and more. We provide our clients with a customized service offering based on specific project delivery needs. Each project benefits from a single point of contact selected from our experienced account management team. We can efficiently plan events for all locations and deliver multiple, consistent executions. Our team is committed to delivering excellence and being fully accountable for the service they provide.

Ozzy Mirabal on Walkie Talkie
Taylor Alvarez at Grovetoberfest in golf cart
Javier Zubillaga at House of Soccer