We create and facilitate an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration among all staff members, including management, bartenders, and back-of-house, to guarantee profitable sales and happy customers.

We developed our bar operations program from running our own events – starting with our own money on the line. Policies don’t make a bar run smoothly—employees who are encouraged and rewarded to follow well-thought-out policies do. The bar is a vital contributor to the bottom line of any event; whether it be the focus or any part of the experience, the same high-quality standards must be applied to all employees to ensure profitable sales and happy customers. Providing thorough attention to detail in all production, execution, and service – we seek to produce the most collaborative and agreeable experience for staff and attendees alike.

At SWARM you can rely on concessions, from liquor licenses, liquor concessions, food and beverage, liquor catering, catering beer, wine licenses, and more.


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Email: b2b@swarminc.com


Jagermeister Cocktail
Bartenders at the Effen Booth
Effen Cocktail Being Made

Bar Management & Operation Services

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